List of our Services

Our Services

Desktop Computer and Laptop Support Services

  • New Desktop Computer Installation Service.
  • New Laptop Installation Service
  • Diagnostics and Repair Support Services
  • Internet Connectivity Issues Diagnostics and Resolution.
  • No Sound - Diagnosed and Repaired
  • No Video Output - Diagnosed and Repaired
  • Slow Computer Operation - Diagnosed and Repaired.
  • Operating System Reinstalled and Upgraded.
  • Office 365 Installed, Upgraded and Issues Resolved.
  • Data Backup and Restored.
  • Application Softwares - Installed, Upgraded and Issues Resolved.

Printer Installation and Support Services

  • New InkJet Printer/Laser Jet Printer Installed
  • USB, Wireless and Network Printers Installed.
  • Printing Issues Resolved and Repaired.
  • Laser Printer Preventative Maintenance Services Provided.
  • Multi-Function Printer Installed.
  • Network Printing Issues Resolved.

Virus Detection and Removal Services

  • Virus Detection and Removal Services.
  • Anti-Virus Software Installed
  • Anti-Virus Software Uninstalled, Upgraded and Renewed.
  • Software Firewall Installed/Configured.
  • Hardware Firewall Installed/Configured.
  • Malware, Randsomeware Protection and Security Setup.
  • Cyber Security Assessment and Recommendadtions provided.
  • Cyber Threat Security Analysis and Preventive Measures Provided.

Network Install and Support Services

  • Server Installation and Upgrade Services.
  • Server Maintenance Services
  • Wired/Wireless Routers Installed.
  • Network Switches Installed.
  • Network Connection Issues Resolved.
  • Server Anti-Virus Software Installed/Upgraded.
  • Voice/Data Cabling, Add/Move Services Provided.
  • Server Data Backup Solutions Provided.
  • Server Data Backup/Restore Services.
  • 24X7 Server Monitoring Services Provided.

Wired/Wireless Security Camera Support

  • Coax Security Camera System Installed
  • Ethernet Wired Security Camera System Installed.
  • Wireless Security Camer System Installed.